Frequently Asked Questions

Who buys your items?

Teachers, homeschoolers, students, parents, doctors, nurses, geologists, entomologists, gardeners, history buffs, interior decorators and anyone interested in natural science and the unusual.

Where do you get your items?

Our items are all acquired legally from around the world.

All butterflies are farm raised or ranched. 
Many governments are teaching their people to raise insects for economic purposes rather than working in other industries (like logging) that deplete and destroy rainforests. Carefully gathered and exported around the world, these insects are one of the earth’s most plentiful and renewable resources. The farming of these insects has had a very positive impact on many of the indigenous tribes of the rainforest, allowing them to remain in their ancestral homelands.

We only sell insects that are legally imported into the country by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department.

All natural items, skulls, skeletons, insects, etc. offered by Wild Territory are legally obtained and can legally be sold according to the laws of the state of Kansas.

Damaged Items:

To ensure merchandise has arrived in its entirety, check your package immediately to ensure there is no damage or products missing.

Double check your shipment against the packing slip to confirm your shipment. Any discrepancies must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of goods.

Should anything arrive damaged, save all packing material and contact Wild Territory.
All damages to items must be reported to Wild Territory within 48 hours of receipt of your package. Report damage by e-mail ( or phone (785-832-9453).


Merchandise cannot be returned without authorization from Wild Territory. Contact us by E-mail at or by phone (785-832-9453).

To return an item, Wild Territory must be contacted within 5 days of receipt of the merchandise.

Wild Territory is not responsible for shipping on returned items. The shipping on returned items is paid by the customer.

Returned items must be sent to:

Wild Territory Science and Nature Store
942 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, Ks. 66044

Please enclose a copy of your invoice with your returned merchandise.

We will not accept returns on t-shirts or other clothing that have been worn or altered in any way.


We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


Kansas residents will be charged sales tax.